Charlie + Mary was founded in 2009 to inspire fashion lovers worldwide to make Fair and Sustainable Fashion choices.

“The fashion chain is long and complex. We strongly believe that to make positive change happen collaboration between different disciplines of the industry is key”

Therefore Charlie + Mary connects and collaborates on different levels within the fashion industry to enlarge the impact of true fashion choices.


Our agency connects sustainable fashion pioneers with future-focused buyers & influencers. From our showroom in Amsterdam East and our Pop up showrooms in Brussels and Antwerp we collaborate with the most influential retailers, stylists, journalists and industry experts towards a fashion future that is inspiring, sustainable and honest.


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Production trip India

“How can they change the world if they haven’t seen it?”

True Fashion Collective provides fashion consumers with knowledge, inspiring news and tangible tools to be part of the much needed positive change in the fashion industry.


“Our goal is to bring the sustainable fashion agenda to the mainstream. From “niche” to “norm” as we call it.”

Our team is fueled by a team of dedicated fashion lovers and industry experts eager to bring critical debate to this issue. With our team of industry experts, who have been pioneering in the field of sustainable fashion for over 10 years we provide (fashion) companies with advice and content for their communication towards a critical fashion consumer.

Pillow Talks @ Conscious hotels Amsterdam


People Tree – Jan Magazine – Februari 2019
Karigar, sustainable, fair trade, scarves, Dutch design, press feature, FW18
KARIGAR – Jan Magazine – November 2018
People Tree, press, FW18, sustainable, fair, fashion, jan magazine
People Tree – Jan Magazine – November 2018
People Tree, FW18, jan magazine, press feature, fashion agency
People Tree – Jan Magazine – November 2018