On Sunday 20 March the Movies that Matter Festival in Den Haag will be screening the groundbreaking documentary film ‘The True Cost’ – a must see for everyone who is interested in fashion and the industry ‘hiding’ behind the pretty pictures!
Afterwards Charlie + Mary’s agency and The Refugee Company will be showing the latest True Fashion collections on the catwalk in the foyer of the theatre aan het Spui in The Hague.

The labels which will be presented on the catwalk are Studio JUX, People Tree, Wunderwerk and l’Herbe Rouge. These labels are ‘TRUE’ because their collections are made with respect for craftsmanship and the people who make their collections. And they use sustainable and innovative fabrics and production methods to create their collections.

De title of the show ‘Behind the Scenes’ refers to an invitation for the viewer of the show to enjoy fashion and at the same time to be aware of the story behind it. The viewer will be inspired to help the fashion industry forward in a positive way for both the wearers as well as for the makers.

For more information about the screening of ‘The True Cost’ at the Movies that Matter festival and ticket sales follow THIS LINK . 

If you have seen ‘The True Cost’ already you can also walk in after the screening and get inspired by the True Fashion Show and the talkshow about True Fashion hosted by ethical fashion expert Marieke Eyskoot. The show starts at 4.30pm, in the Foyer of the theatre aan het Spui – entrance is free.

Refugee Company connects refugees in the Netherlands to Dutch companies and supports them setting up their own business. For the production of the show Refugee Company is not only involved behind the scenes but will also be shining on the runway!

A co-operatin with: ASN Bank, Movies that Matter, The Refugee Company, Visous Make-up & Hair

Image: Issey Miyake Catwalk Fashion Show Paris by team Peter Stigter