Month: December 2014


Another update in our fabric series. Because it’s the ‘festive’ season we are putting a new, innovative and luxurious fabric in the spotlights: woodsilk. Beautiful, strong and made out of wood pulp. You can use it as an alternative to silk (the look and feel are pretty much the same) while still looking very Christmassy.

As we all love butterflies we prefer to keep the silk worm alive. Not to mention that a wooden top is very strong and much easier to wash and handle all together. Woodsilk plays an important role in the collections of Dutch fashion label Studio JUX. JUX pretty much introduced this fabric as a sustainable alternative to silk and also came up with its name.

Woodsilk items are extremely comfortable to wear. The fabric is made of trees, and is high in moisture content compared with synthetic fabrics, that are often worn on festive occasions. This means that wood silk causes less unpleasant static electricity and is gentle to your skin.

Pieces made from woodsilk have an elegant silhouette because the fabric is very light. Because the fabric dries super fast the dryness is always maintained when wearing this fabric to your skin. Therefore wearing items made of wood silk give you a fresh and comfortable feeling.



As the AW 14/15 season is coming to an end we have started preparing for next Autumn/Winter 15/16 that is! The buying season starts beginning next year and we will be representing most of our brands at MINT fair. A great opportunity to have a look at the collections and if you like even write your order on the spot. In that case please contact the agency for an appointment.

Mark 25 & 26 January in your diary.

About MINT 

MINT brings forward fashion: made with respect for people and our environment, without any concession in style. MINT is  part of the established tradeshow Modefabriek and combines fashion brands with lifestyle, launches, parties, pop up stores and more for 20.000 industry influencers.



21st of November a brand new concept in Arnhem opened its doors. This place called ‘ROOM’ offers work spaces, our label Harry, second hand stuff, design, music and coffee in het Spijkerkwartier in Arnhem.

Address: Spijkerlaan 21, Arnhem

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Start spreading the news, there’s a new shop in the town of ’s-Hertogenbosch, and it’s awesome! It’s called Daily poetry and it brings you just that; poetry is captured in the beautiful products stocked, and breathing from the shop walls in this beautiful light space in de Vughterstraat.

Founders and owners of Daily poetry, Britt and Sander had the feeling that enjoying the smaller things in life may just be something very big. Together this lovely couple collects beautiful products for their shop, which represent this feeling. Like written on their website: ‘We collect things that feel like pure poetry and help celebrate the beautiful moments of life.’

You’ll find the most beautiful gifts in Daily poetry’s creative living room, which also hides a secret courtyard garden and a self-service cafe where you can work, dream and unwind. And..Daily Poetry introduces labels People Tree, Harry and Wunderwerk in their lovely Southern city!

In celebration of their opening Daily poetry hosts Harry’s travelling photography exhibition ‘Wall of tunes’ , which is to be seen on their shop walls until mid January 2015. Daily poetry also has a shop at Urban Shopper in  Eindhoven, just across fair fashion stockist Koos72.

Daily Poetry - Vughterstraat kl Daily Poetry - Vughterstraat-7 kl Daily Poetry - Vughterstraat-41 kl


Yay, this week was the celebration of the opening of a new sustainable concept store in Amsterdam, The ‘Geiten Wollen Winkel’. Sisters Abigail and Lavinia Bakker, are the two power ladies behind the concept. These girls have been promotors of True fashion for a long time now and in their own shop in the Utrechtsestraat they brought everything together they believe in. Fashion which is fun for people, planet and animals.

The beautiful vegan concept store carries our brands People Tree, L’Herbe Rouge, Wunderwerk, Harry and Dr. Bronner.

Images by: W.Green 

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Hey, hello people from Nijmegen and surroundings, have you heard about this great new sustainable department store that just opened its doors in the heart of the city?!  This from origin organic specialty store now brings together good food and fashion for men and women in a beautiful spacious location.

And yes they also stock a few of our favourite labels – from now on you can shop People Tree, l’Herbe Rouge, Wunderwerk, Harry and Dr. Bronner in Nijmegen ladies & gentlemen.