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Studio JUX (2008) is a Dutch fashion and design brand that offers style, quality and sustainability. ‘JUX’ is a German word that means ‘fun’. According to owners Jitske Lundgren and Carlien Helmink fashion and a sustainable lifestyle should be fun for everyone. For the designers, people working in the factory and everyone wearing and using the products. Studio JUX is based in Amsterdam and the majority of the collection is produced in their own factory, women empowerment projects or social enterprises, all based in Kathmandu, Nepal. This means studio JUX can ensure safe and healthy working conditions for all employees and minimise environmental impact at the same time. The handshake inside each garment connects you to the tailor who made your piece with lots of love and dedication.

Studio JUX offers menswear, womenswear, accessories and a home collection made from high- quality materials that are natural, organic or recycled.


The Studio JUX SS18 collection celebrates Parallel Universes and the minimalist answer to the fast moving infinite world – Balanced Clarity. Flexibility is the key. Combining oversized cheerful pieces with timeless classics.

Parallel Universes inspired by the fast process of change. Avoiding pre-consumer waste and working around imperfections with using of their own stock fabrics and interpreted into new styles. Refined fabrics and pleasurable feeling combined into playful detailed pieces. Oversized shapes, knotted straps and deep cut armholes give an airy summer feeling. Harmony colours like light blue, purple, pastel orange transferred into fluent styles. The highlight colour is bright pink. Fabrics like double faced poplin and lightweight organic cotton jersey are a perfect match for the high summer season.

The most clear and concise will win. Balanced Clarity – fashion pieces interpreted into timeless and strong pieces. You’ll find minimalistic styles with a nautical sense. Straight shapes and inlaid folds reflect the main focus of simplicity. Very soft rib jersey and lightweight fine knit items fulfill the summer collection. The striped combination of dark blue/grey and mint/off white perfectly match with the beige and green colour of the handwoven styles.

Origin: Amsterdam | Since: 2008 | Collection: Men + Women | Website: www.studiojux.com