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POPUPSHOP is a fashion driven sustainable design brand that represents a minimalistic Scandinavian style with eye catching details and prints. The label appeals to fashion conscious city women and the collections offer a range of beautiful contemporary design styles as well as loungewear and swimwear.


The SS18 collection draws inspiration from the animal kingdom, boasting images of both jungle animals and sea creatures, and the wild environments they each inhabit. POPUPSHOP’s iconic feline prints permit daunting encounters that are both up-close and personal, yet safely observable from a distance.

The subtle summer palette features a slew of sun-faded neutrals inspired by Mother Nature, such as sage green, pale rose and Cuban sand. The muted color scheme is only amplified by the slightly moodier moonlight blue, reminiscent of a warm summer’s night. The statement sartorial stripes are reinvigorated with new colors and widths, and in both a yarn-dyed and digital print version.

The strength of the SS18 collection lies in the street-meets-elite aesthetic, and the subsequent invitation to mix and match materials and styles to create layers of chic upon casual upon chic. The traditional cuts pave way for a more relaxed and oversized silhouette. Simplicity is at the heart of every piece, and the result is a collection that is not only feminine but also highly versatile. A range that retains the minimalistic and timeless Scandinavian style, with added elements and the highest quality organic materials.

The fabrics used are mostly GOTS-certified Aegean cotton, hand-picked to ensure premium quality. The sustainable UV-safe swimwear is made from recycled plastic bottles, and the digital prints are GOTS labeled guaranteeing that the colors used contain no harmful chemical residues.

Origin: Copenhagen | Since: 2015 | Collection: Women | Website: www.popupshop.com



Fast forward to the Wunderwerk high summer ’17 collection – we love the photography series ‘avant garbage’ by photographer Ymke Jansen. ⠀

Jansen wanted to put sustainable fashion in the spotlight and shot a series for the American online magazine promo mag news, featuring the Wunderwerk High summer 17 collection.

‘My latest shoot was about something that I find very important; world pollution. I used pieces of garbage in some of the pictures and for the clothing I only worked with sustainable brands from small sustainable shops in Amsterdam. I want to make people think about the pollution in this world and change the way we care for our world. I also wanted to give some attention to the sustainable brands that really have the most beautiful pieces.’

wunderwerk ss17 ymke jansen photoshoot wunderwerk ss17 ymke jansen photoshoot wunderwerk ss17 ymke jansen photoshoot wunderwerk ss17 ymke jansen photoshoot wunderwerk ss17 ymke jansen photoshoot


Next up in our fabric series is a fabric made of coffee grounds. This so-called S.Café® fabric comes with some great functional qualities for clothing. L’Herbe Rouge designed a garment entirely based on coffee, from its yarn to the final wash. The collection was presented at Textifood Exposition Universelle Milan 2015. Sounds like a solution we can easily integrate into our continuously growing coffee drinking society, huh?


The SS16 collection captures the unique People Tree feel in catchy prints and contemporary designs which are inspired by the mixed worlds we live in nowadays. These worlds are on one hand influenced by the increasing dependance on technology and at the same time there is the desire for sustainable products and a slower lifestyle.