Charlie + Mary’s agency proudly represents the most innovative, sustainable & ethical fashion labels out there in the Benelux, and is THE pioneer of True Fashion. Charlie + Mary redefined sustainable fashion into True Fashion, which encompasses everything that adds value to the story behind the clothes.

Stories about the creative design process, the brand’s philosophy, the traditional hand skills and craftsmanship and the cotton grown by a farmer in another part of the world, stories that you can contribute to, because we believe that true fashion stories can make a change that matters.

The company was founded in 2009 and consumers all over the world that it is not hard to choose for honest fashion. Charlie + Mary’s agency is also involved in PR activities for their labels and the Charlie + Mary concept store in Amsterdam stocks a large part of the agency’s collections. On the True Fashion Collective blog more stories behind fashion are shared to inspire people worldwide with updates on developments in the field of True fashion.