Time flies when you’re having fun, and the buying season for SS16 surely has been exciting . In the meantime we have moved to a new showroom address at de Hallen where we have already had our first appointments.

Now, as September is progressing, the orders for Wunderwerk, People Tree and Studio Jux are being finalised to determine the total numbers of styles going in production. If styles haven’t reached the production minimum it can happen the styles have to be cancelled and we will get in touch about  replacement styles. Only for our French brand l’Herbe rouge the buying season runs a bit longer which means that we continue to take orders until the end of September.

Meanwhile the Fall/Winter 15 collections are arriving in stores and we are holding presentations at some retailers to inform staff and management about the background of our true fashion brands, telling the story of each, so it can be passed on to the costumers. As more and more people get interested in where our clothes are coming from and how they are made, it becomes necessary for retailers to be able to provide this information. Our intern Joyce has collected some more background information on the production process of the materials, speaking for example directly to the designer Heiko from Wunderwerk to ask about his reasons for choosing one material over another for some pieces. We continuously update our information for you on our website.

Have a good start into the new season!

Lots of Love

The C+M Team