While working on the SS16 collection, Nepal and the Studio JUX factory in Kathmandu was hit by a devastating earthquake. Designer Jitske Lundgren flew to Nepal shortly after she heard the news last April. “The first few weeks we were only doing relief work and provided people with basic necessities such as tents and food. After that we slowly started the production in the factory again and did half a day of production, half a day of relief work.”

Immediately after hearing the news the Studio JUX foundation started a money raising programme to be able to help the people in Nepal directly. Once in Kathmandu Jitske and her boyfriend Phillipe (both of them lived  in Kathmandu and have set up the Studio JUX factory in Nepal) started with doing as much relief work as possible. This meant buying and providing tents, food and so on. After the first few weeks and talking with their colleagues from the factory Jitske slowly started up the production again.

“We were doing relief work half a day and worked on the production the other half of the day. It is important to keep things going and the people there are really motivated to re-build their homes and jobs.” explains Jitske. For the Studio JUX SS16 collection the designer was motivated more than ever to support the local communities. “I visited knitting factories to see what was still lying there and what we could do with it for the collection. I got most fabrics for the collection from Nepali suppliers and we are working on getting them to import fabrics like organic cotton and monocel themselves. This would mean we can buy it from them instead of import it ourselves and also other brands who produce their collections in Nepal can buy sustainable fabrics locally and support growth in Kathmandu.”

Jitske’s creative thinking resulted in a beautiful ‘Artisan’ theme for next Spring/Summer with a focus on Nepali handicrafts like dip-dye, melange knit and handmade jewellery. We at Charlie + Mary’s agency are over the moon with this gorgeous collection by Studio JUX and so proud of designer Jitske Lundgren and her team to have developed such a beautiful collection while at the same time helping the people in Nepal to rebuild their homes.


Image: Designer Jitske Lundgren and general manager Carlien Helmink for Glamour