Hemp is one of the world’s strongest natural fibres. Hemp enriches rather than depletes the soil by shedding its leaves throughout the season, creating rich compost. Insects don’t bug the hemp plant so it doesn’t need pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers and uses very little water. Hemp yarn is firm and though, making it the perfect fabric for bags, jeans and jackets.

The iconic winter coats of our newest label Hoodlamb are the perfect example showing hemp can be used to create beautiful fabrics. Hoodlamb uses hemp for the strong and protective shell fabric of the coats but also in their unique fabric blend which makes the label’s unique cruelty-free fake fur.

HoodLamb believes hemp is the answer to looking good and feeling great about it. The label’s commitment to promoting the use of hemp, the world’s toughest natural resource, hasn’t changed for over twenty years. By combining eco-friendly fabrics with innovative and timeless designs Hoodlamb shows that fashion and sustainability can be perfectly joined to protect the environment.