Wunderwerk is a fashion label that appeals to fashion-oriented women and men who consciously combine fashion and sustainability. The label stands for the interaction of fashionable design, comfortable fit and high quality sustainable manufacture throughout the entire production and supply chain. Wunderwerk was founded in 2012 and has its headquarters in Dusseldorf Germany. In a short interview we asked  founders Tim and Heiko why they started working together, what inspires them and how they see the future of their awesome fashion label.

How did you meet and why did you decide to start a true fashion brand together?

We know each other through our shared passion for surfing. Both of us had a long history working in fashion business and in 2012 we thought it was time to start realising our dreams and start an ethical fashion brand, which is really fashionable!

We didn’t want to start with just a t-shirt and a hoodie only, but wanted to present a real collection from day one.

How did you come up with the name of your brand?

Heiko’s surname is Wunder (in Englisch: marvelous, miracle,..) so we thought that could be a good brandname which also personalizes the designer behind the brand.

Heiko and Tim’s wife Anna are leading the design team of Wunderwerk.

How do you see the image, the identity of Wunderwerk across seasonal changes?

The style of Wunderwerk can be described as fashionable basics with a luxury look and feel, combined with more pronounced and contemporary silhouettes. We like to be fashionable, ethical, sustainable and commercial at the same time. 

How would you describe Wunderwerk in three phrases

1. Organic, no plastic!

2. Fashionable & metropolitan style for people who love fashion

3. High quality for a very reasonable price

What inspires you?

We are very much inspired by nature, people, music and big cities. What inspires us as well is to think of ways to deal with pollution problems and how to keep the oceans blue.

Where do you see yourselves and your company in 5, 10 years?

We will be one of the leading ethical fashion companies with around 10 own flagship stores in big cities. Eco fashion will not be a niche anymore. In the end we don’t think the big vertically integrated companies will survive because nobody likes ‘green washing’.

 You use sustainable materials for your collections. How is the selection and decision-making process for the materials and production sites that you choose to use?

We visit a lot of fabric fairs and also develop beautiful and innovative eco fabrics together with our producers.  Heiko travels to our production sites a lot and selects our production partners based on their expertise, good working practices and certifications.  All of the fabrics and accessories we buy for our collections are GOTS certified.