PRESS RELEASE – 25th September 2014


People Tree Collaborates with Simeon Farrar for AW14

Fair Trade and sustainable fashion pioneers People Tree and artist Simeon Farrar, founder of Black Score, collaborate once more for Autumn – Winter 2014, with a capsule collection.

Simeon Farrar has designed a spirited, yet thought provoking range of unisex t-shirts and sweatshirts that reflect our joint philosophy. He had this to say about his designs:

I love the dedication and passion People Tree has for Fair Trade and it’s something we as a company have always wanted to achieve. Collaborating with People Tree has made this possible for us, which is very exciting.

The Revolution Will Not Be Accessorised is based on Gil Scott Heron’s song ‘The Revolution Will not Be Televised’. It refers to the political message about people’s apathy and the need for action.

The Go ‘Love’ Yourself is a play on the ruder alternative. I like turning it around to be about love rather than hate.

The Animals in Underpants has none of the deep meaning of the other two. They are just animals in pants and that’s funny any day of the week.

People Tree

This quirky, 100% certified organic cotton collection is bold in its use of colour, graphics and slogans and begs to be noticed.

The Revolution Will Not Be Accessorized was produced by Assisi Garments, in South India. Assisi Garments provides training and employment for deaf, mute and economically disadvantaged women.