Ever noticed that as soon as the sun comes out, stripes are slowly conquering the street style? Yes, stripes are always a good idea! ‘The stripe’ is a true spring classic and quite a sustainable trend in that sense. Let’s have a brief look at the history of the (breton) stripe.

The stripe shirt was introduced in 1858 as the uniform for the French navy. It was designed to help distinguish the sailors from the waves when they would fall overboard. At the time, all the French navy hailed from Brittany, so the shirt was named the “Breton” shirt. Originally the shirt displayed 21 stripes representing each of Napoleon’s victories against the British.

The breton stripe had nothing to do with fashion until the iconic designer Coco Chanel took a trip to the French coast and took notice. This lady was very much inspired by the sailors’ uniform and and as these things go in fashion, her 1917 nautical collection showed the stripy styles. The casual design helped break away from the corseted fashion of the time, forever changing the face of casual womenswear.

The allure of the breton stripe shirt lies in its versatility. This style is worn by people from all ages and backgrounds. This spring brings us the classic breton as well as bolder updates.

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Image: People Tree SS15