On the 25th of April, Nepal was hit by a heavy earthquake. Studio JUX’ clothing factory is based in the capital, Kathmandu. The employees, neighbours, suppliers and their families need your and our help. On behalf of studio JUX’s foundation, studiojux.org, would like to ask for your support.

The communication with Nepal is difficult due to limited power supply and damaged telephone lines. At this moment, we know that 10 out of 21 employees are safe. All of their houses are damaged, one of them is totally destroyed, just like the home of our very poor neighbours from across the street.

Currently, they all need basic needs like water and food. In the coming weeks, they will need means for reconstruction and repairs. Studio JUX is collecting gifts that can support their tailors, suppliers and their peers in these difficult times.

You can support the foundation by bank transfer to Studiojux.org (NL78 RABO 0116 4576 27) or  click here to donate with Paypal or here with Ideal.

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Would you like to involve your friends? Forward this email or share the following link on social media: http://studiojux.org/nepalquake

On behalf or the people in Nepal, thank you so much!