Embassy of Bricks and Logs is on a mission to create quality outerwear with a contemporary fashion appeal, deeply rooted in streetwear culture.

We love making great outerwear. But we want to do it right. We choose a responsible approach always, striving to cause the least harm possible.

Embassy of Bricks and Logs was created in 2015 by Niko Vatheuer, who had been in the fashion industry for more than two decades, running a successful streetwear fashion brand before. The birth of his first daughter triggered Niko’s awareness and inspired him to start the Embassy of Bricks and Logs, a business that is in line with his core beliefs.

Through their designs, which are focussed on contemporary, utilitarian silhouettes with a functional approach and the use of hand-selected premium materials, The Embassy of Bricks and Logs brings a high-quality streetwear approach into the realm of ethical fashion.

The Credo: Design first.

We want to make a great product that wins people over. Then, in the next step, make this product as sustainable as possible without compromising on quality.