Our goal is to bring the sustainable fashion agenda to the mainstream. From “niche” to “norm” as we call it. True Fashion Collective is fueled by a team of dedicated fashion lovers and industry experts eager to bring critical debate to this issue.

With our team of industry experts, who have been pioneering in the field of sustainable fashion for over 10 years we provide (fashion) companies with advice and content for their communication towards a critical fashion consumer.


We advised Fashion For Good for their opening of ‘The world’s first interactive museum for sustainable fashion innovation’, transforming fashion into a force for good. We were involved in the concept development of their quarterly themes for the Fashion For Good experience store and provided content for the first theme Splash and researched which brands are leading by example in relation to the theme. The curated brands make it tangible for visitors what’s being done already, to face the issues presented – and at the same time presenting the choices you have as a consumer to be part of the change.

SPLASH: Rethinking the role of water in fashion.  (OCTOBER – JANUARY 2018)

The relationship between water and fashion runs deep. Each year, the fashion industry uses 93 billion cubic meters of water to produce the clothes we wear. That is 4% of all global freshwater used annually. Ocean plastic pollution is another issue. But even though we can now turn plastic into textiles, only 5% of plastic waste is currently recycled. It doesn’t need to be this way. Clean, innovative, stylish—the brands we showcase let us envision a world where fashion and water coexist peacefully. During Dutch Sustainable Fashion Week in October 2018, we joined forces with Conscious hotels and Gemeente Amsterdam West to organize three off schedule events to inspire and activate local fashion lovers to make sustainable fashion choices.


True Fashion Collective invited Amsterdam’s finest sustainable fashion brands and sustainable fashion experts that showed visitors how easy it is to make sustainable fashion choices.
Across three locations there were pop-up-shops showcasing brands that prove there is no need to give in on style.
At the Conscious Café in Westerpark a ‘Conscious Fashion Shop’ and a fashion library to borrow clothes. At ‘Het Meterhuis’, a Valhalla for vintage treasure hunters the question was asked “Who needs new clothes anyway?”  with the opportunity to get styling advice from a vintage wardrobe expert or a repair or upcycling treatment done on the spot by a professional seamstress.  On the  Sunday Market, a big monthly attraction for both locals and tourists, part was dedicated especially to Dutch Sustainable Fashion Week, for which we invited some of Amsterdam’s finest sustainable fashion brands and shops.


A select group of fashion lovers ould sign up for the True Fashion Academy – a unique opportunity to learn why sustainability in fashion is important and who the important icons are that paved the way for sustainability and fair trade to become noticed.


Almost 50 years ago in Amsterdam, John Lennon and Yoko Ono held a press conference in bed to draw attention to world peace. A unique, and playful way to raise global attention to an important issue, Inspired by this format we prompted an intimate conversation with industry heavyweights on how to improve a dirty industry, during Dutch Sustainable Fashion Week 2018. TonyTonnaer, Founder of denim brand Kings of Indigo and Ciara Shah, Founder of ethical fashion concept Verse, jumped into bed in an ‘unguarded’ setting to reflect on the industry’s current state of play, and how to move forward.